Available theses

Brain Connectivity

  • rs-fMRI: Directed and Effective connectivity in stroke patients. Comparison of data driven (Transfer Entropy) and model-based (DCM) approaches. Correlatori: Danilo Benozzo, Prof. A. Chiuso, Prof. Daniele Marinazzo.

  • EEG: Dynamic Connectivity via HMM. Study of the impact of source reconstruction regularization parameter and of the exploited number of states on functional connectivity state relevant matrices and on functional activation parameter.  Correlatori: Ilaria Mazzonetto, Manuela Moretto.

  • EEG: Does different implementation of phase locking value (PLV) and phase lag index (PLI) affect the EEG connectivity matrix computation? Comparison of cross-spectra and Hilbert transform implementation. Correlatrice: Ilaria Mazzonetto.

  • EEG: Spatio-temporal fingerprint of main resting state networks. Correlatore: Ilaria Mazzonetto.

  • [18F]FDG PET: Metabolic Connectivity. Correlatori: Tommaso Volpi, Erica Silvestri.

  • [18F]FDG PET: Independent component analysis and spectral analysis to extract individual metabolic connectivity from dynamic PET data. Correlatori: Tommaso Volpi, Erica Silvestri.



Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Susceptibility Mapping in PET/MRI scanner applied to a cohort of glioma patients. Correlatori: Giulia De Biasi



Positron Emission Tomography

  • [18F]FDG: How to robustly extract image derived input function (IDIF) in PET/MRI brain acquisitions? Correlatori: Erica Silvestri, Andrea Bettinelli, Tommaso Volpi

  • [18F]FDOPA imaging: the dataset is made available by the Institute of Psychiatry of King’s College London. Three different theses are available:

    • Segmentation of [18F]FDOPA PET studies (atlas coregistration without MR based alignment)

    • Effect of reconstruction on [18F]FDOPA PET imaging (test and evaluation of different reconstruction methods)

    • Development of an automatic pipeline for [18F]FDOPA quantification (software platform)


Multi-modal integration

  • Multivariate relationship between [18F]FDG PET e resting-state fMRI. Correlatori: Tommaso Volpi, Erica Silvestri.

  • Characterization of the infiltrative direction of propagation in glioma: identification and validation of Multimodal PET-MR biomarker. Correlatori: Manuela Moretto, Maria Colpo, Lucia Maccioni.

  • Structural determinants of the regional ranking provided by [18F]FDG PET. Can we explain local brain metabolism through features derived from structural MRI and dMRI? Correlatori: Tommaso Volpi, Erica Silvestri, Ilaria Mazzonetto, Umberto Villani.