Research Areas

    • Development of novel models and estimation methods for quantitative PET imaging

    • Quantification of PET data to evaluate system impairments in clinical conditions

    • Correlation of brain mRNA and PET receptor density maps

    • Arterial input function modeling studies and alternative non-invasive input function approaches

  • Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    • Functional MRI

      • Functional and effective connectivity

      • Assessment of cerebral hemodynamic impairment

    • Perfusion

      • Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MRI

      • Arterial Spin Labelling

    • Diffusion

      • Models for improved analysis of multi-shell diffusion MRI data

      • Evaluation of Brain Damage in Multiple Sclerosis

    • Susceptibility

      • Development of novel methods for quantification of magnetic susceptibility

    • Morphological

      • Lesion detection

    • Cardiac

      • Right and left cardiac volume

  • Electroencephalography

    • Source Reconstruction

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