Mattia Veronese
Room 214 – 2nd floor – DEI/A

Short Bio

Prof. Mattia Veronese – Leader in “Molecular Imaging Biomarkers and Precision Medicine”

Mattia Veronese is Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Department of Information Engineering (University of Padua, Italy), and Senior Scientist at the Department of Neuroimaging (King’s College London, UK).
His main interest is related to the development of molecular neuroimaging biomarkers and to their use for drug development and precision medicine.
In the last 10 years he has analysed more than 1,000 neuroimaging scans and published more than 100 papers, collaborating with several research groups worldwide.
He is a biomedical engineering by training and holds a PhD in PET kinetic modelling.

Associated networks and initiatives:
Molecular Neuroimaging
Neuroscience and Graphic Design

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