Erica Silvestri
Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Room 301 – 3rd floor – DEI/A

Short Bio

Erica Silvestri was born in Verona in 1984. She received a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy in 2007 from the University of Verona. In 2011 she earned a Bachelor Degree in Information Engineering and in 2014 a Master Degree in Bioengineering, both from University of Padova.

Her Master thesis concerns analysis of activation maps and modelling of effective connectivity in functional magnetic resonance images (fmri) acquired during executive functions involving tasks.

Since November 2014 she is a PhD student in Information Engineering (curriculum Bioengineering ) under the supervision of Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo (Department of Information Engineering , University of Padova).

Selected Publications

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Silvestri, E; Scolozzi, V; Rizzo, G; Indovina, L; Castellaro, M; Mattoli, MV; Taralli, S; Graziano, P; Cardillo, G; Bertoldo, A; and M L Calcagni,

The kinetic of F-18-FDG in lung cancer: compartmental models and voxel analysis Journal Article

In: vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 88, 2018.

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Cecchin, Diego; Palombit, Alessandro; Castellaro, Marco; Silvestri, Erica; Bui, Franco; Barthel, Henryk; Sabri, Osama; Corbetta, Maurizio; Bertoldo, Alessandra

Brain PET and functional MRI: why simultaneously using hybrid PET/MR systems? Journal Article

In: The quarterly journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, vol. 61, no. 4, pp. 345—359, 2017, ISSN: 1824-4785.

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Palombit, Alessandro; Castellaro, Marco; Tonietto, Matteo; Silvestri, Erica; Calabrese, Massimiliano; Bertoldo, Alessandra

Comparative Assessment of Methods for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping on a Clinical Magnetic Resonance Data Set Conference

37th annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC, Milan, Italy, 2015.


Tonietto, Matteo; Calabrese, Massimiliano; Silvestri, Erica; Morra, Aldo; Castellaro, Marco; Monaco, Salvatore; Bertoldo, Alessandra

Use of cortical thickness to detect localized damage in the somatomotor cortex in MS: relation with clinical disability. Conference

31st congress of the European committee for treatment and research in Multiple Sclerosis – ECTRIMS 2015, 2015.


Castellaro, Marco; Palombit, Alessandro; Silvestri, Erica; Tonietto, Matteo; Gajofatto, Alberto; Montemezzi, Stefania; Magliozzi, Roberta; Howell, O. W.; Reynolds, Richard; Monaco, Salvatore; Bertoldo, Alessandra; Calabrese, Massimiliano

Heterogeneity of susceptibility mapping of cortical lesions in MS Conference

31st congress of the European committee for treatment and research in Multiple Sclerosis – ECTRIMS, Barcellona, Spain, 2015.