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Short Bio

Alessandra Bertoldo studied electronics engineering at the University of Padova, Italy. In 1997 she worked at the Laboratory of Blood Flow and Metabolism of Dr. L. Sokoloff, at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, USA. On February 11, 1999 she received the PhD degree (Dottorato di Ricerca) in Biomedical Engineering from the Politecnico of Milano. She is Associate Professor at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova.

Her research interests are mainly related to the development of mathematical models for analysis and control of biological systems and to the quantification of functional positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance images. Current personal and collaborative research activities include: Mathematical models for quantitative PET studies, Methods for magnetic resonance functional imaging, Imaging genetics, Non-linear mixed effects modeling, Quantitative multimodal imaging.

She has contributed to several national as well as international research projects. In particular, she was co-investigator of the project “Multi-tracer PET Quantification of Insulin Action”, Funding Source: NIH/NIDDK (principal investigator – PI: Dr. Goodpaster B.H.), of the strategic project “Algorithms and Architectures for Computational Science and Engineering” (PI: prof. Bilardi Gianfranco) founded by the University of Padova. She is co-investigator in three different European Projects of the Seventh Framework Programme (Summit, AP@home, MOSAIC) (see below for more projects)

From 2005, she teaches Neuroengineering for the Bioengineering Master’s Degree Program at the University of Padova. From 2015, she also teaches System and Models (Bachelor’s Degree Program in Information Engineering at the University of Padova) and Laboratory of Bioengineering (Bachelor’s Degree Program in Information Engineering at the University of Padova).

On June 19th, 2017, she has been elected as Referent of the Master’s Degree Program in Bioengineering and of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Biomedical Engineering from 2017 to 2021 (in Italian: Presidente del CCS aggregato in Ingegneria Biomedica e Bioingegneria per il quadriennio 2017-2021).

She is member of the board of the Doctoral School on Information Engineering (Bioengineering Program).

Since November 2015, she is member of the IEEE-EMBC Technical Committee on Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing.

Since May 2016 she is member of the Board of Directors of the Padova Neuroscience Center, University of Padova. Since March 2017, she is vice-director of the Padova Neuroscience Center of the University of Padova.

Principal Founded Research Projects



PRIN 2000
Modellistica e imaging quantitativo del sistema serotoninergico con Tomografia ad Emissione di Positroni
(Principal investigator: Claudio Cobelli)
PRIN 2004
Modelli e metodi per lo studio delle malattie neurodegenerative con tomografia ad emissione di positroni
(Principal investigator: Claudio Cobelli)

National Institutes of Health, USA

NIH/NIDDK “Multi-tracer PET Quantification of Insulin Action in Muscle” (2002-2006; Principal investigator: David E. Kelley) DK-60555-01
NIH/NIBIB “Resource Facility for Population Kinetics” (2003-2008; Principal investigator: P. Vicini) P41 EB-001975
NIH/NIDDK “Multi-Tracer Pet Quantitation of Insulin Action” (2007-2010; Principal investigator: Bret H Goodpaster) DK-60555-02

European Union

UE Programme FP4-BIOMED 2 “Prediction of shock status using open flow approaches with biosensor detection” (1997-2001; Principal Investigator: Pankaj Vadgama) Project ID: BMH4972726
UE Programme FP7 “DIAdvisor: Personal Glucose Predictive Diabetes Advisor” Project ID: 216592
UE Programme FP7 “AP@home: Bringing the Artificial Pancreas Home” Project ID: 247138
UE Programme FP7 IMI Call (Innovative Medicines Iniziative) “SUMMIT: SUrrogate markers for Micro- and Macro-vascular hard endpoints for Innovative diabetes Tools) Project ID: 115006
UE Programme FP7 – “MOSAIC – Models and simulation techniques for discovering diabetes influence factors” Project ID: 600914

University of Padova

2000 Progetto Giovani Ricercatori “Analisi quantitativa del metabolismo da immagini PET: nuovi metodi di stima parametrica”, (Principal investigator Giovanni Sparacino) Co-investigator
2003 Progetto Giovani Ricercatori “Modelli non lineari ad effetti misti per la quantificazione di immagini di Tomografia ad Emissione di Positroni Principal investigator
2007 Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo “Sviluppo di un modello elettrico a parametri distribuiti dell’interfaccia cellula/elettrodo per cellule di mammifero coltivate in vitro” Principal investigator
2013 Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo “Neuroimaging Genetics: Models and Methods to Integrate Brain Phenotype and Genotype” Principal investigator
2007-2009 Progetti di Eccellenza – Fondazione CARIPARO “MIcrofluidics laboratory for Scientific and Technological Applications”, (Principal investigator: Michele Maggini) Co-investigator
Progetti strategici di Ateneo 2008 “AACSE: Algorithms and Architectures for Computational Science and Engineering” (Principal investigator: Bilardi Gianfranco) Co-investigator

Italian Ministry of Health

NET-2013-02355313 (3 years project)
Magnetic resonance imaging in drug-refractory temporal lobe epilepsy: standardization of advanced structural and functional protocols at 3T, to identify hippocampal and extra-hippocampal abnormality (Principal investigator: Paolo Vitali)

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